Dear Cherished Colleagues,

In a time such as this, it can be hard to find grounding, rest, and mental calm. Thus, as you read the following update on how the Divinity Students Association plans to function from here on forward, please know that these are general rules. Our goal is to support you remains unchanged, and will always remain unchanged. If any change negatively impacts you, please know, we will work hard to find a case-by-case solution to ensure that you receive the care you need in this moment. The following are general guidelines but in moments such as these, more than ever, we must work to create a sense of understanding within the Divinity School, whether within Swift Hall or online. 

With that being said, the following list of changes will define the DSA’s course of action for the future, pending any changes in our collective situation.


  • Unfortunately, 4-8s will be suspended for the remainder of the academic year, bearing extraordinary changes to our collective situation.
  • 4-8 funding will be used to help students in a variety of ways to be detailed in a forthcoming email.

Monday Coffee Hours

  • Unfortunately, Monday Coffee Hours will be suspended for the remainder of the academic year, bearing extraordinary changes to our collective situation.

Let’s Talk Hours

  • Let’s Talk Hours will continue across campus, including at the Swift Hall location: Let’s Talk will be held in the DSA Office (027) in the basement student lounge of Swift Hall each Wednesday. Of note, Let’s Talk is not held over Spring Break. Please find more information regarding Let’s Talk here:

DSA Club Funding

  • DSA Club funding remains open for students, however, please follow University guidelines for any events you may wish to hold. Per Dean of Students Anita Lumpkin, “Student club and workshop leaders should cancel all in-person events scheduled during spring quarter, and make plans for virtual meetings.” If you are unsure, please contact the DSA presidents and/or the Dean of Students Office.

Conference Funding

  • Conference funding both for the attendance of conference and the planning of conference at the University is suspended through April 15th.

Travel Funding

  • Unapproved applications for travel grants in which the event to be attended falls before April 16th, per University recommendation, will not be accepted.
  • In regard to applications for events following this date, in line with the decision made by UC Graduate Council: “You may still apply for Travel Fund awards for travel after April 15. This situation is evolving daily, and we will make decisions based on guidance from the University for travel scheduled after April 15.”

Grounds of Being Fellowship

  • The Grounds of Being Fellowship application process will still take place for the upcoming academic year; however, given the present circumstances the rollout of the application will be delayed. We appreciate your understanding in this manner.

Co-President Office Hours


Please as always, let us know if you have any questions. 

With deep care and well wishes,

The Divinity Students Association Board