The Divinity Students Association (DSA) is an organization run by and for University of Chicago Divinity School students. The organization contributes to many spheres of life in the Divinity School, including academic, professional, and social.  Above all else, the DSA strives to foster a true community of Divinity students from every degree program.

One way the DSA fosters community is by funding student academic clubs. One club exists for each area of concentration, as well as others sparked and organized by students according to their interests. In addition to the basic needs of these clubs, DSA also funds major events and conferences organized by several clubs, such as the annual Ministry Conference and the "Alternative Epistemologies" speaker series.

The DSA executes a few major events each quarter, including a joint event with the Dean’s Office and co-sponsoring events with area clubs or other departments on campus. Most of the events DSA plans or co-coordinates are student initiated.

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