The Divinity Students Association (DSA) is an organization run by and for University of Chicago Divinity School students. The organization contributes to many spheres of life in the Divinity School, including academic, professional, and social.  Above all else, the DSA strives to foster a true community of Divinity students from every degree program.

The Divinity Students Association was founded in the early 1960s and has operated as an independent nonprofit (501c3) within the Divinity School since 1968. The DSA is focused on pursuing three goals: 1) to enhance student life and research; 2) to foster collegiality and social cohesion; 3) to work with the Divinity School administration in areas pertaining to student needs. To achieve these goals, the DSA draws on two sources of funding: a percentage of your student life fees and the net profits of Grounds of Being, our student-run nonprofit coffee shop. These funds go towards providing students with a number of important resources and opportunities.

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