Biblical Students’ Association

The Biblical Students’ Association provides social events for students interested in biblical studies and sponsors Bible-related field trips, occasional lectures, and lunch discussions on topics related to the study of the Hebrew Bible or New Testament. For more information, contact 

Leaders: Kelly Holb  and Emily Thomassen .

Ethics Club

The Ethics Club provides a forum for intellectual and social exchange for students and faculty interested in the study of religious ethics, ethics broadly construed, or disciplines that have moral or religious concerns. We hosts pub nights, receptions, study sessions, and other events. The Ethics Club frequently co-sponsers events with the Theology and Religious Ethics Workshop. If you would like more information or wish to subscribe to the email list serve, please contact Miriam Attia at .

Leaders: Miriam Attia  and Nicholas Shifrar 

History of Christianity Club

Each year, the History of Christianity Club sponsors one or two guest speakers and organizes one social gathering for all area faculty and students, as well as students interested in pursuing work in HC. The club also works to notify students of relevant events both on campus and in the greater Chicago area. If you would like more information about the History of Christianity Club, please email 

Leaders: Dan Yingst

History of Judaism Club

The History of Judaism Club brings together students and faculty interested in an ongoing interdisciplinary dialogue on the history, culture, religion, literature, and philosophy of Judaism. For more information please visit the site of the affiliated Jewish Studies and the Hebrew Bible Workshop at or contact 

Leader: David Cohen  and Jessica Brown

History of Religions Club

The History of Religions Club is devoted to fostering an intellectual community for students interested in HR and related fields. It provides a forum for students to share their work and also sponsors workshops with scholars of interest from the University of Chicago and other institutions. For more information please contact  

Leaders: Paride Storini  and Seema Chauhan 

Islamic Studies Club

The Islamic Studies Club, also known as Majlis, meets every other week (on a rotating basis with the CAS Islamic Studies Workshop) in order to workshop student papers and dissertation chapters, allow students to practice presenting papers before attending academic conferences, and foster an esprit de corps amongst students and faculty engaged in the study of Islam. The Club’s vision is to provide a forum for graduate students from various disciplines and areas of study to share what they know about Islam and Muslims in a way that is not methodologically, geographically, or temporally bound. In addition to student presentations, we also discuss best practices for teaching Islam in the classroom, whether by reading articles related to pedagogy or inviting Islamicists to share their experiences teaching. Lastly, the Islamic Studies Club occasionally holds social activities to foster friendships and collegiality amongst students and scholars. For more information, email .


Philosophy of Religions Club

The Philosophy of Religions Club provides a forum where both faculty and students can present current work and receive feedback. Past speakers have included professors Arnold Davidson, Chris Gamwell, and Françoise Meltzer. The PR Club also sponsors weekly meetings for presentation, dialogue, and discussion. For more information, contact 

Leader: Matt Peterson

Religion and Literature Club

Each quarter, the Religion and Literature Club sponsors a dinner with speaker for students and faculty. These dinners are the official social events for the R&L program, but all interested students are welcome. For more information, please contact 

Leaders: Kirsten Collins 

Religion in America

Description TBD

Leaders: Joel Brown

Theology Club

The Theology Club provides a forum for discussing current theological research, for building relationships between students and faculty, and for furthering the pursuit of theological study. The club partners with the Theology and Religious Ethics workshop and invites students and faculty from all areas of the Divinity School and university to participate in our discussions and dinners. To subscribe to our list serve or for more information, please contact Raúl Zegarra at .

Leader: Raul Zegarra


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