The DSA funds several clubs for the benefit of the student body and the Swift Hall community. There are three types of clubs:

  • Affinity Groups: These groups are organized around identities that are under-represented and/or marginalized in the Divinity School and they build community and space for people of those identities.
  • Student-Founded Clubs: These are clubs organized by students around particular interests not covered by the Academic Area Clubs or Identity Clubs.
  • Academic Clubs: These are clubs organized around the Divinity School’s areas of studies. Some are partially funded by the area or by CAS.

We are always happy to have new DSA Clubs! If you have an idea for a new club please contact the Board.

Affinity Groups


Alchemy is a network seeking to serve and support underrepresented minority students at the Divinity School. Founded in the Spring of 2012, Alchemy seeks to enrich the social, intellectual, and spiritual lives of students and offers a platform for events, discussion, gatherings, and fun. While Alchemy is a group dedicated to ethnic and religious minorities at the Divinity School, Alchemy seeks to involve as much of the Divinity School community (students, staff, faculty) as possible in its mission to help make the University of Chicago a hospitable and warm place for students to work, play, and live. Recent Alchemy events include the winter dance party co-sponsored with the DSA, a three-part dinner and discussion series, and the start of a community service initiative. For more information, please contact us via email.

Leaders: Aneesah Ettress and Rita Rodriguez


DivOUT provides support for the LGBTQIA+ community affiliated with Swift Hall in any way. We strive toward an open and respectful dialogue between students, faculty, and staff, offering safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ identified people, friends, family, and allies. We host regular social events throughout the year and attend campus-wide LGBTQIA+ functions as a group. Contact DivOUT via email; check us out on Facebook and Instagram, or join our listserv.

Leaders: Sarah Zuniga


Formerly Women’s Caucus, Ivy is a graduate organization that attends to the needs of women and femme-identified individuals within the Divinity School to help them grow as scholars. With those goals in mind, events (bi-monthly meetings and quarterly events) are structured, among other things, to help members feel more at home in the classroom or on the job market, build community, and learn how to interact comfortably with faculty and administration. For more information, contact Ivy via email.

Leaders: Brigid Boll, Paige Spencer, and ">Caroline Wills

Jewish Students Association

The Divinity School Jewish Students Association is an all-inclusive, Jewish-oriented community that will come together to discuss and celebrate Jewish learning and living. We hope this club will nourish Divinity School students intellectually, socially, and spiritually by offering Jewish wisdom, tradition, community, and food. Interested in finding out more? Contact Sierra at 

Leaders: Sierra Meszaros

Student-Founded Clubs

Folk Traditions Club

There are a lot of ways to build community in academic spaces, but maybe none as fun as sharing folklore and traditions. Folk Traditions celebrates the lore and traditions of your place of origin, and of this place where we all find ourselves. We hold a dinner and regional ghost story swap around Halloween where we tell the creepy stories that are popular where we’re from. Right after the fall quarter wraps up, we go wassailing around the neighborhood. Winter and spring quarter events are different every year but have included singing US labor movement songs and putting on a Purim spiel. If you have an idea for a club activity, let’s talk!

Leader: Miriam Attia

Religion and/in Film Club

The Religion &/In Film Club welcomes all University of Chicago students interested in cinematic engagements with questions of religion. No background knowledge of film or religious studies is required. Please contact club organizers for more information, or if you would like to suggest a film.

Subscribe to our listserv () to stay up-to-date on events.

Leader: Blaize Gervais

UChicago 101s

Grad student life means having plenty of options to learn a lot about something you already know a little about, but almost no options to learn a little about something you know nothing about. That’s why we have UChicago 101s. 101s are casual, no-prior-knowledge-required presentations on topics that are at least loosely related to the academic study of religion. We all gather in Disciple Divinity House’s beautiful common room, take off our shoes, and sit in a circle enjoying thematically appropriate snacks and drinks while we listen and ask our beginner-level questions.

Leader: Miriam Attia

Academic Clubs

Ethics Club

The Ethics Club provides a forum for intellectual and social exchange for students and faculty interested in the study of religious ethics, ethics broadly construed, or disciplines that have moral or religious concerns. We host pub nights, receptions, study sessions, and other events. The Ethics Club frequently co-sponsors events with the Theology and Religious Ethics Workshop. If you would like more information or wish to subscribe to the email listserv, please contact us via email.

Leaders: Zach Taylor

Philosophy of Religions Club

The Philosophy of Religions Club provides a forum where both faculty and students can present current work and receive feedback. Past speakers have included professors Arnold Davidson, Chris Gamwell, and Françoise Meltzer. The PR Club also sponsors weekly meetings for presentation, dialogue, and discussion. For more information, contact us via email.

Leaders: Rebekah Rosenfeld and Tyler Neenan

Religion and the Human Sciences Club

The Religion and Human Sciences club is a social organization that is designed to bring together students who are interested in the History of Religions, Anthropology and Sociology of Religion and Religion, Literature and Visual Culture. Each quarter, we organize social events and co-sponsor workshops with our sister organization, the Religion and Human Sciences Workshop, in order to provide a space in which students can cultivate the disciplinary and social interests that they share within the above-mentioned committees.

Leader: Seema Chauhan

Religion, Literature, & Visual Culture Club

Each quarter, the Religion, Literature, and Visual Culture Club sponsors workshops, social events, and speakers, providing a space to present and discuss work on the relations between literature, visual culture, and religion. All students are invited to participate regardless of their field. For more information, please contact us via email.

Leaders: Ryan Bingham and Pieter Hoekstra

Theology Club

The Theology Club provides a forum for discussing current theological research, for building relationships between students and faculty, and for furthering the pursuit of theological study. The club partners with the Theology and Religious Ethics workshop and invites students and faculty from all areas of the Divinity School and university to participate in our discussions and dinners. To subscribe to our listserv or for more information, please contact us via email.

Leader: Laura Howard