Scheduling an Event

Reserving a Room

Please contact Joann Dowells to reserve a room in Swift Hall or the Swift Hall Courtyard. For rooms in the University outside of Swift, please reserve it through the Center for Leadership and Involvement.

Advertise through the DSA Digest, Calendar, & Social Media

Please contact with a description of your event including: time, date, place, name, club hosting, contact information, and a blurb. Additionally, please indicate if you would like the event advertised on the DSA calendar, through the DSA Digest, on our Social Media channels, or all three. You can also include a graphic for use on social media and in the Digest.

The Digest is mailed out Monday mornings during the academic year. Please send in your events before 5:00 on Sunday for inclusion in that week’s digest. Calendar events will be added within two days.

DSA Listserv

Clubs and other organizations are now limited in their use and access to the DSA Listserv as part of an effort to reduce and streamline communications. Each Quarter, clubs are limited to two emails directly to the Listserv. All other announcements sent to the listserv after that limit will be diverted to the DSA Digest. The Secretary may decide to allow important announcements through for clubs that have reached their listserv limit.

We encourage each club to have their own listserv for announcements to their members. Lists can be created through the University. Please contact the Secretary if you need assistance.

Using DSA Supplies

The DSA has supplies available for events including high-top tables, carts, and coolers, among other things. Please contact the Board to request use of one of these items.

Reimbursement Process and Schedule

Submit a Reimbursement Request

Fill out the DSA Club Reimbursement Request Form. Slide the completed form under the door of the DSA office (located in the student lounge in the basement of Swift Hall). Please make sure to attach original copies of itemized receipts.

Please note

  • Reimbursements will be issued only on the 1st and 15th of each month, and they can be picked up with Americia Huckabee in Swift 104. America will notify you by email when your check is ready to be picked up. DSA will NOT be able to administer checks outside of these dates.
  • If the 1st or 15th fall on the weekend, checks will be disbursed on the following Monday.
  • All reimbursements are due the week before the 1st and 15th.
  • DSA will NOT be able to write reimbursement checks for honorarium checks, nor will we write reimbursement checks for non-Divinity school students.

It is DSA’s goal to ensure that all clubs have the proper funds they need to enhance their educational endeavors as well as make sure clubs are reimbursed in a timely manner. Club leaders are expected to comply with the requirements listed above. Please contact the Treasurer if you have questions or concerns at .