Divinity School students participate in a range of intramural sports through the University’s Intramural Sports Program.

It is undeniable that the Divinity School is better at reading Origen and Nāgārjuna than the other graduate schools and departments. But are we better at… sports?

The only way to find out is by participating in intramurals, which are free, easy to sign up for, and described in detail here. You can play everything from chess to wiffleball, from indoor soccer to outdoor soccer.

In previous years, Divinity School students have competed in coed and men’s flag football, co-ed volleyball, co-ed and men’s basketball, coed indoor and outdoor soccer, and coed ultimate frisbee. These teams are both competitive and fun—a difficult balance in intramural sports—exemplified by our semi-finalist volleyball team, the Exorcists, our perennial finalist ultimate frisbee team, and our second place flag football team, the Divnity School Devils.