SwiftCareLogoFinal_2014The Swift Cares Fund was established by the Divinity Student Association in 2014 and was made possible through profits earned by the student-run, Divinity School Coffee Shop, Grounds of Being. The purpose of the fund is to support current Divinity School students who are experiencing financial hardship due to a major life crisis. Though these funds should be seen as something provided to students from students, for privacy reasons, applications are administrated entirely through the Dean of Students office.

This Swift Cares Fund is not associated with the financial aid application. Financial aid applicants who have special circumstances that relate directly to the financial aid process should contact the Dean of Students.


To be eligible to receive an award from the fund an individual must be a registered Divinity School student. The need for funding must be due to a major life crisis. A crisis is defined as extreme misfortune suffered by a student for reasons beyond his or her control that prevents the student from meeting basic living expenses. Examples of such events include but are not limited to (1) death in the family; (2) unusual uninsured medical expenses; (3) uninsured losses caused by fire, crime, flood, or other disasters; (4) insupportable indebtedness occurring for reasons beyond the individual’s control.

Further Stipulations

  • Under normal circumstances, the maximum award amount is $500 per catastrophic event, subject to the availability of the funds and the extent of need.
  • A student may receive a maximum number of two awards per year.
  • Because the fund is comprised of profits made by the Grounds of Being and open donations, there is no guarantee that there will be funds available at a given time.
  • The applicant must not have any disciplinary actions that resulted from violating University’s Standards of Conduct or Academic policy within the past twelve (12) months.

Please refer to the Swift Cares Fund Application for additional information and instructions.
If you would like to donate to the Swift Cares Fund, please contact the Dean of Students.

* General guidelines for DSA grants were specified during the 2013–2014 academic year with the understanding the guidelines may change overtime. The DSA Board meets with the Deans at least once a year to discuss the status of the Fund and grant guidelines. Please check this page for updated information.